State Route 17, SR 28 to US-2


Last Driven May 2018

(Historic Photo: May 2008)

MP: 75.31

Location: Daisy St S and SR 17, Soap Lake

Reassurance shield after the junction, we are about to head t hough Soap Lake

MP: 75.45

Location: SR 17 and Daisy St, Soap Lake

Welcome to Soap Lake!

(Historic Photo: May 2008)

MP: 76.24

Location: SR 17 and 4th Ave NE, Soap Lake

Reassurance shield after passing through Soap Lake. This stretch of SR 17 is actually really pretty as we head up along Lake Lenore

MP: 89.56

Location: SR 17 and Park Lake Rd, Grant Cty

Reassurance shield kind of randomly placed by a rest area

MP: 95.98

Location: SR 17 and US-2, Douglas Cty

Junction US-2 coming up in half a mile. SR 17 north will join US-2 west for a couple miles

(Historic Photo: May 2008)

MP: 96.57

Location: SR 17 and US-2, Grant Cty

Turn left to stay on SR 17 and join 2 west, taking 2 east to SR 155 will take you to the Grand Coulee Dam

N to US-2, S to SR 282

E to SR 155, W to SR 17

W to SR 282, E to SR 21