State Route 17, SR 171 to SR 282


Last Driven July 2008

MP: 55.05

Location: SR 17 and Strafford Rd, Moses Lake

Reassurance shield after the SR 171 turnoff and the Strafford Rd interchange

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 55.68

Location: SR 17 and Grape Rd, Moses Lake

Reassurance shield mysteriously lacking the “Coulee Corridor” banner

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 56.72

Location: SR 17 and Patton Blvd, Moses Lake

Final reassurance shield as we leave Moses Lake. Something weird happened between 2008 and 2018 here – look at this and the historic photo for both this and the photo above. It sure looks like the two reassurance shields got swapped but not replaced for some reason.

MP: 58.83

Location: SR 17 and Randolph Rd, Grant Cty

Reassurance shield as we make our way up the congested corridor towards Ephrata

MP: 67.15

Location: SR 17 and SR 282, Grant Cty

SR 282 coming up in half a mile- kind of an erroneous sign since Soap Lake is the control city for SR 17

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 67.55

Location: SR 17 and SR 282, Grant Cty

Bear left for SR 282 towards Moses Lake, or exit off the roadway to stay on SR 17 north

N to SR 28, S to I-90

W to SR 28

S to I-90