State Route 171, SR 17 to I-90


MP: 3.78

Location: Broadway Ave and SR 17, Moses Lake

Reassurance shield at the beginning of SR 171. SR 171 runs entirely in the city of Moses Lake, mainly serving to put the I-90 business loop under DOT jurisdiction, but it won’t pick up the business loop for a bit

MP: 3.01

Location: W Broadway Ave and S Pioneer Way, Moses Lake

SR 171 picks up the business loop at Pioneer Way. Note the incorrectly formatted business loop signage- rather than being in business loop green it’s in standard red and blue. This is bad and illegal

MP: 2.89

Location: W Broadway and Stratford St, Moses Lake

The best part is these are brand new signs- wonder how long they will last?

MP: 2.26

Location: W Broadway and Marina Dr, Moses Lake

Here’s a real one! It looks nice too, don’t it?

MP: 2.04

Location: W Broadway and 3rd Ave, Moses Lake

I must say I appreciate how they consistently sign SR 171 here- most state DOTs wouldn’t do that

MP: 1.69

Location: W Broadway and  Western Ave, Moses Lake

And…they don’t. This is an older standalone BL-90 sign, the only one on the route. It’s pretty faded

MP: 1.25

Location: W Broadway and Lee St, Moses Lake

Back to normal

MP: .23

Location: W Broadway and Melva Ln, Moses Lake

And…we come to I-90 and SR 171′s southern terminus!

MP: .1

Location: W Broadway and I-90, Moses Lake

Turn right for I-90 west

MP: 0

Location: W Broadway and I-90, Moses Lake

Turn left for I-90 east towards Spokcompton

MP: 0

Location: W Broadway and I-90, Moses Lake

and just after the left turn, SR 171 ends

E to SR 17, W to SR 281 SPUR

N to SR 282, S to I-90