State Route 261, I-90/US-395 to SR 26/SR 260


MP: 62.69

Location: I-90 and SR 261, Ritzville

SR 261 begins at a junction with I-90 at the south end of Ritzville. It’s a pretty boring stretch to SR 26

MP: 52.97

Location: SR 261 and Lind-Ralston Rd, Ralston, Adams Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass through the little community of Ralston

MP: 44.75

Location: SR 261 and Sutton Rd, Adams Cty

Reassurance shield after Sutton Rd as we pass through an incredible amount of boring farmland

MP: 36.4

Location: SR 261 and SR 26, Washtucna

JCT SR 26 coming up in half a mile. SR 26 is the main east-west route in this area

MP: 35.83

Location: Main St and SR 26, Washtucna

Stay straight to continue on SR 261, SR 260 also begins and multiplexes with the highway immediately after crossing SR 26, but it’s not signed right here

S to SR 260

W to SR 21, E to SR 127

W to SR 261

E to SR 23, W to US-395

N to SR 23, S to I-90