State Route 28, SR 281 to SR 285


MP: 25.03

Location: SR 28 and Rd U NW, Grant Cty

Reassurance shield as we leave the Quincy area, SR 28 will begin heading north towards Wenatchee

MP: 22.31

Location: SR 28 and Baird Springs Rd, Trinidad, Grant Cty

Reassurance shield just before the Douglass county line. We now join the Columbia River valley and head due north to Wenatchee, the first real sight of sloped terrain on SR 28

MP: 14.41

Location: SR 28 and Columbia River Siding Rd, Douglas Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass through a little unnamed developed area

MP: .64

Location: SR 28 and 3rd St, East Wenatchee

JCT SR 285 coming up. SR 285 follows an older SR 28 alignment through downtown Wenatchee. Stay on SR 28 to get directly to the 2/97 expressway through Wenatchee. SR 28′s mileposts reset at SR 285

MP: 4.35B

Location: SR 28 and Stevens St, East Wenatchee

Exit off for SR 285 which heads over the river into downtown Wenatchee

W to US-2/US-97, E to SR 283

N to US-2/US-97

S to SR 281 SPUR