State Route 28, US-2 to SR 23


MP: 131.15

Location: 12th St and Morgan St, Davenport

Reassurance shield for SR 28 at the beginning of the route

MP: 130.51

Location: 12th St and Monroe St, Davenport

A rare (in Washington) combination reassurance shield-mileage sign sign. I like it.

MP: 118.58

Location: SR 28 and N 3rd St, Harrington

JCT SR 23 coming up. SR 23 serves to connect the US-195 corridor with the SR 23 corridor, I guess to provide a more direct link from Moscow-Pullman to Wenatchee

MP: 118.12

Location; SR 28 and N 3rd St, Harrington

SR 23 turns off, heads into Harrington

W to SR 21

S to SR 231

E to SR 25, W to SR 21