U.S. Route 395, I-182/US-12/SR 397 to SR 17


Last Driven May 2018

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 24.34

Location: US 395 and Kartchner St, Pasco

Shiny new error shield after the Kartchner St interchange as we head out of Pasco and the Tri-Cities area

MP: 24.71

Location: US 395 and Kartchner St, Benton Cty

Mileage sign to junctions SR 17 and I-90. US 395 mainly serves to connect the Tri-Cities and I-82 to Spokane and I-90 in this area

MP: 30.24

Location: US 395 and Crest Lock Rd, Benton Cty

Reassurance shield after the Crest Lock Rd intersection

(Historic Photos: July 2008, May 2014)

MP: 44.43

Location: US 395 and SR 17, Mesa

The southern terminus of SR 17 is coming up. SR 17 serves many functions along its route, not ever serving as a logical long haul route but containing several segments of local (<20 miles) significance. Not sure why they patched the 17 with another 17.

MP: 45.37

Location: US 395 and SR 17, Mesa

SR 17 is the best route to Othello. Alternatively you could stay on US-395 and then take SR 26 west

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 45.51

Location: US 395 and SR 17, Mesa

SR 17 exits, heads north through Othello and Moses Lake and up the Coulee Corridor to US 97 in Brewster

N to SR 260, S to I-182/US-12

N to SR 260

E to US-12, W to US-395

E to I-182, W to US-395

 S to I-82/US-395