U.S. Route 395, I-82 to SR 240


Last Driven May 2018

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 13.46

Location: Evergreen Hwy and I-82, Kennewick

First reassurance shield after the I-82 split, the first standalone 395 shield in Washington. In the distance you can see the trusses for the 395 suspension bridge over the Columbia River

MP: 15

Location: Evergreen Hwy and W 27th St, Kennewick

Reassurance shield as we enter the developed part of Kennewick, this after the first stoplight

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 15.61

Location: Evergreen Hwy and W 19th Ave, Kennewick

Reassurance shield after 19th Ave

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 17.37

Location: N Ely St and W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick

US 395 will start to bear west to head towards its junction with SR 240. Staying in the left lane will make this transition much smoother

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 17.73

Location: US 395 and N Yelm St, Kennewick

One quarter mile to the SR 240 exit, which was recently reconfigured. In the past, you’d exit in a quarter mile for Columbia Park and keep ahead a half mile for SR 240. In the background is the SR 397  bridge

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 17.87

Location: US 395 and Columbia Dr, Kennewick

Before the interchange was reconfigured, SR 240 was the SECOND right. The first right was only for Columbia Dr.

(HIstoric Photo: July 2008)

MP: 18.05

Location: US 395 and Columbia Dr, Kennewick

Exit for SR 240 west. In the past, this exit solely served Columbia Park.

MP: 18.1

Location: US 395 and SR 240, Kennewick

With the reconfigured interchange, follow 240 west for Columbia Park.

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 18.26

Location: US 395 and SR 240, Kennewick

The old exit for SR 240 west.

N to I-182/US-12, S to SR 397

W to I-182/US-12

E to SR 14, W to I-182/US-12