Interstate 82, SR 823 to US-12


MP: 30.6

Location: Selah Rd and I-82, Selah

The US-12 exit is coming up in 1/2 mile


MP: 30.74

Location: Selah Rd and I-82, Selah

US-12 west coming up. US-12 east will join the freeway to Tri-Cities.


MP: 30.88

Location: Yakima River, US-12 and I-82, Yakima

As we cross the Yakima River, we get another reminder for the upcoming US-12 junction


MP: 30.98

Location: I-82 and US-12, Yakima

On the west side of the river US-12 West exits. It services Yakima and Naches as a freeway before clearing White’s Pass to Western Washington. US-12 East joins the freeway



W to SR 24, E to SR 821

N to SR 821, S to SR 24

E to SR 24, W to SR 410

N to SR 821