State Route 104, SR 524 to SR 99


Last Driven July 2019

MP: 24.92

Location: Sunset Way and Dayton St, Edmonds

SR 104 gets o ut of Edmonds pretty quickly and proceeds as a well flowing 35 MPH surface road to I-5. Interesting reassurance shield with the standalone signblank on the LGS

(Historic Photo: March 2008)

MP:  26.2

Location: Edmonds Way and 15th Way SW, Edmonds

Reassurance shield as we make our way through Edmonds

MP: 27.59

Location: Edmonds Way and 238th St SW, Edmonds

JCT SR 99 south coming up in a quarter mile. There is no access to 99 north from 104 east

MP: 27.78

Location: Edmonds Way and Aurora Ave, Edmonds

Turn right to get on SR 99 (old US-99) south towards Seattle

E to I-5, W to Edmonds Ferry Terminal

S to SR 523, N to SR 524

E to SR 99