State Route 11, I-5 to I-5


Last Driven June 2019

(Historic Photo: April 2008)

MP: .21

Location: Chuckanut Dr and Josh Wilson Rd, Burlington

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route. SR 11 follows the original alignment of the Pacific Highway along the water from Burlington to Bellingham

MP: 1.91

Location: Chuckanut Dr and Cook Rd, Skagit Cty

Cook Rd leads back to I-5, but really this is a much much prettier way to get to Bellingham


MP: 3.1

Location: SR 11 and Ershig Rd, Skagit Cty

Reassurance shield a mile later.

MP: 6.94

Location: Chuckanut Dr and W Bow Hill Rd, Edison, Skagit Cty

Reassurance shield after old State Route 237 (SR 537 before that), which was decommissioned in 1992 and runs south to SR 20. The road runs along the water, a road that begs to be driven and enjoyed. It’s great.

MP: 19.83

Location: 12th St and Hawthorn Dr, Bellingham

And suddenly we’re in Bellingham

MP: 19.9

Location: 12th St and Fairhaven Pkwy, Bellingham

SR 11 turns onto the Fairhaven Pkwy to finish it’s return to I-5. SR 11 is the only highway to go through part of old Bellingham, a beautiful city

MP: 20.07

Location: Fairhaven Pkwy and 14th St, Bellingham

Reassurance shield after the turn

 MP: 20.71

Location: Fairhaven Pkwy and 22nd St, Bellingham

JCT I-5 coming up very shortly

MP: 21.19

Location: Fairhaven Pkwy and I-5, Bellingham

JCT I-5, right for south, straight for north

MP: 21.27

Location: Fairhaven Pkwy and I-5, Bellingham

Turn left for I-5 north

  N to SR 542, S to SR 11

N to SR 11, S to SR 20