U.S. Route 195, I-90/US-2/US-395 to SR 271


MP:  95.48

Location: US-195 and W 16th Ave, Spokane

US 195 heads south as a divided four lane expressway. This is the first reassurance shield


MP: 78.79

Location: US-195 and Cheney-Spangle Rd, Spangle

Reassurance shield as we pass by Spangle. Just north of Spangle the road reverts to two lanes


MP: 69.84

Location: US-195 and Plaza Rd, Spokane Cty

Plaza Rd is separated from US-195 via a diamond interchange, and US-195 has several grade-separated intersections along its path, making it a super two of sorts


MP: 65.69

Location: US-195 and Rosalia Rd, Rosalia

Reassurance shield after the cutoff road into Rosalia, which we pass on the right


MP: 63.88

Location: US-195 and SR 271, Rosalia

SR 271 is a minor state highway that heads eight miles to SR 27  in Oakesdale


MP: 62.97

Location: US-195 and SR 271, Rosalia

SR 271 is separated via a diamond interchange, heads south to Oakesdale


S to SR 23

S to SR 27

E to US-2/US-395, W to US-2

E to I-90, W to I-90/US-395

N to I-90, S to US-2