State Route 24, SR 240 to SR 243


MP: 38.81

Location: SR 24 and SR 240, Benton Cty

Reassurance s hield after the junction

MP: 43.06

Location: SR 24 and SR 243, Benton Cty

Odd signage here. We are on SR 24 so this is only a junction for SR 243. SR 24 does drift off t he main roadway though. Still, this is awkwardly phrased and I’d cut out the SR 24 shield and replace it with a TO I-90 shield

MP: 44.02

Location: SR 24 and SR 243, Grant Cty

SR 243 heads north through Mattawa to SR 26 near I-90 near Vantage, SR 24 continues east to Othello

E to SR 26, W to SR 241

N to SR 26

E to SR 225