Interstate 82, SR 821 to SR 821


Last Driven July 2019

MP: 3.62

Location: I-82 and Thrall Rd, Kittitas Cty

Reassurance shield after SR 821

MP: 5.56

Location: I-82, Kittitas Cty

I-82 is a Washington “Green Highway” which from what I understand means absolutely nothing except a bill of state Congress being passed that calls it a “Green Highway” meaning that environmentally-unfriendly signs get erected

(Historic Photo: May 2008)

MP: 25.25

Location: I-82 and Canyon Rd, Selah

SR 821 comes back in a mile, and just north of the ramp is SR 823, which serves as a business loop of sorts through Selah

(Historic Photo: May 2008)

MP: 26.2

Location: I-82 and Canyon Rd, Selah

SR 821 exits, heads to SR 823 and then back north through the canyon to I-82

E to SR 823, W to I-90/US-97

N to I-82/I-90, S to SR 823

N to SR 823

S to SR 823