State Route 141, SR 141 SPUR to Trout Lake


MP: 4.79

Location: SR 141 and Underwood Cutoff, Klickitat Cty

Reassurance shield after the SR 141 SPUR


MP: 23.73

Location: SR 141 and Little Mountain Rd, Trout Lake

We pass through the little town of BZ Corner and get to Trout Lake. Reassurance shield after a fork in the road


MP: 25.53

Location: SR 141 and Randle Rd, Klickitat Cty

First in a series of reassurance two shields which required me to climb up on a  snowbank to get the picture.



MP: 27.26?

Location: Somewhere on SR 141, Klickitat Cty

Lots of snow when I came here in February. They do plow the road…kind of. It’s barely wide enough for a car to get through and a lot of snow chunks fall off the snow mounds and onto the road. Fortunately I did not see a single other car


MP: 29.2

Location: SR 141 and NF-11, Klickitat Cty

SR 141 ends at the Skamania Cty Line at a snow park lot and the Gifford-Pinchot NF boundary. Climbed up to get this END sign


S to SR 14

S to SR 14