Interstate 205, SR 500 to SR 14


MP: 30.29

Location: I-5 and SR 500, Vancouver

This is why I dislike Washington. No question this is a WSDOT sign. For whatever reason they decided that since they’re going to put 3 digit routes on a 2 digit blank for their state routes they can do it with US and Interstate routes too. Blech


MP: 29.87

Location: I-205 and SR 500, Vancouver

An all Oregon mileage sign! 7 miles to JCT Ore. I-84


MP: 28.38

Location: I-5 and SR 14, Vancouver

3/4 mile to JCT SR 14.


MP: 27.97

Location: I-5 and SR 14, Vancouver

SR 14 runs parallel to I-84 along the Columbia River clear to I-82 near Umatilla, Ore. To see Washington’s destinations, follow SR 14


MP: 27.86

Location: I-5 and SR 14, Vancouver

SR 14 is basically a limited access freeway here, so we get a full blown interchange. Right lane for 14 west, 2nd lane for SR 14 east


MP: 27.61

Location: I-5 and SR 14

SR 14 exits and I-205 is headed to Orygone



S to OR State Line, N to I-5

W to I-5, E to SR 500

E to SR 503, W to I-5