State Route 290, I-90 to SR 27


MP: .81S

Location: Hamilton Blvd and Trent Ave, Spokane

That milepost is not entirely accurate. Sometime in 2006 SR 290 from US 2 to I-90 was decommissioned and SR 290 was moved along former SR 290 SPUR which is the stretch from I-90 to Trent Ave. Anyway, turn right for SR 290

MP: .77

Location: Trent Ave and Hamilton Rd, Spokane

Note ITD-like directional-less reassurance shield

MP: 2.07

Location: Trent Ave and Regal St, Spokane

Stay on the main road for SR 290, keep left

MP: 3.4

Location: Trent Ave and N Langley St, Spokane

Reassurance shield as we pass through the ghetto of Spokane

MP: 5.37

Location: Trent Ave and Park Rd, Spokane Valley

Reassurance shield after the Park Rd intersection

MP: 8.19

Location: Trent Ave and Pines Rd, Spokane Valley

We come up on the northern terminus of SR 27 which heads south to Pullman, skirting just west of the Idaho state line

MP: 8.34

Location: Trent Ave and Pines Rd, Spokane Valley

Turn right for SR 27 south

E to ID-53/ID State Line

S to I-90

E to SR 27, W to US-2/US-395