Interstate 5, SR 502 to SR 501


Last Driven April 2015

MP: 9.78

Location: I-5 and NE 179th St, Clark Cty

Reassurance shield for inbound SR 502 traffic

(Historic Photo: January 2008)

MP: 12.03

Location: I-5 and Pioneer St, Ridgefield

Former reassurance shield after the rest area- when the rest area was reconfigured, the shield was moved a quarter mile up and a new sign was put in its place.

MP: 12.25

 Location: I-5 and Rest Area, Clark Cty

Reassurance shield after the new rest area ramp.


(Historic Photo: January 2008)

MP: 12.57

Location: I-5 and Pioneer St, Ridgefield

SR 501 will exit here in a second, heading directionally west but officially south to a physical gap on the west side of town. The old photo shows 1 mile, while this photo shows 1.5 miles. They are in the same location.

MP: 13.55

Location: I-5 and Pioneer Way, Ridgefield

Exit for SR 501- the exit only lane was added since I first drove this in 2008.

(Historic Photo: January 2008)

MP: 13.96

Location: I-5 and Pioneer St, Ridgefield

SR 501 exits, serves Ridgefield

N to SR 503, S to I-205

S to Physical Gap (Ridgefield)

  E to SR 503