State Route 501, Physical Gap (Ridgefield) to I-5


MP: 17

Location: Pioneer St and N 3rd Ave, Ridgefield

SR 501 resumes in Ridgefield with the mileposts increasing as if there were a roadway connecting the two segments. Note how this segment has directional posts, despite having even more of an east-west alignment then the other segment


MP: 18.53

Location: Pioneer St and Smythe Rd, Ridgefield

Reassurance shield as we head out of Ridgefield


MP: 19.66

Location: Pioneer St and Timm Rd, Ridgefield

JCT I-5 coming up. There is no “I-5″ signage at the junction, just signs directing to Seattle and Portland


S through Physical Gap to | Vancouver to I-5 |

N to SR 503, S to SR 502