State Route 501, I-5 to Physical Gap (Vancouver)


MP: 0

Location: E Mill Plain Blvd and I-5, Vancouver

First reassurance shield. Note the lack of directional (If this road is ever completed it will be north-south, but right now it’s east-west)


MP: .19

Location: W 15th St and C St, Vancouver

If you jump in the left lane you can go around the one-way couplet and get back on I-5


MP: .21

Location: W 15th St and C St, Vancouver

Reassurance shield in a random place (before the intersection) and hidden in the trees


MP: .27

Location: W 15th St and Broadway, Vancouver

Turn left to go around the one way couplet, get back on 501 the other direction, and get back on the interstate


MP: .78

Location: W Mill Plain Blvd and Kauffman Ave, Vancouver

Reassurance shield. It’s odd how thus far they’ve placed reassurance shields immediately BEFORE stoplights instead of the logical place AFTER the light


MP: 2.09

Location: NW Lower River Rd and W Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver

Reassurance shield in the proper place after the light. We are currently heading through the Port District


MP: 11.12

Location: NW Lower River Rd, Clark Cty

We head out of Vancouver and up Lower River through a recreational area. The road ends in 1/4 mile


MP: 11.36

Location: NW Lower River Rd, Clark Cty

The road ends here in what looks like a fantastic spot to blaze. It used to continue a bit further but the road was washed out a couple years ago and abandoned. The sign has been significantly vandalized.


N through Physical Gap to | Ridgefield to I-5 |

N to SR 500, S to SR 14