State Route 503, SR 502 to SR 500


MP: 8.01

Location: NE 10th Ave and W Main St, Battle Ground

Reassurance shield after the SR 502 junction


MP: 6.2

Location: NE 122nd Ave and NE 129th St, Brush Prairie

Turn left to head down 503 Business through Brush Prairie. This is an older alignment of SR 503 and like most business loops is not a part of the state highway system so I did not bother to drive it.


MP: 4.2

Location: NE 117th Ave and NE Caples Rd, Brush Prairie

Reassurance shield as we head out of Brush Prairie


MP: 1.11

Location: NE 117th Ave and NW Padden Pkwy, Vancouver

Turn left for SR 500 east and continue straight for SR 500 east. This is a weird situation. Continuing straight was at one point exclusively SR 503 and it came to a junction with SR 500 at Fourth Plain Blvd. SR 500 was since moved to Padden Pkwy so SR 500 and SR 503 multiplex to Fourth Plain Blvd where SR 503 abruptly dead ends. I expect they will decommission SR 503 from Fourth Plain to Padden Pkwy in the next round of decommissioning


S to SR 500, N to SR 503 SPUR

E to SR 14, W to SR 503

E to I-5