State Route 902, I-90/US-395 to I-90/US-395


MP:  10.08

Location: SR 902 and Hallett Rd, Spokane Cty

Bear left at the Hallett Rd intersection. This seems like a weird place to notify us to bear left. A reassurance shield here is nice, but I don’t get the bear left sign as we barely turn left and Hallett Rd doesn’t look like it would easily be mistaken for the highway


MP: 6.61

Location: Medical Lake Rd and Lefevre St, Medical Lake

As we pass through Medical Lake SR 902 turns right onto  Lefevre St


MP: 4.05

Location: Salnave Rd and Simpson Loop, Lakeland Village Spokane Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass out of Medical Lake and Lakeland Village. Note the rare (for Washington) lack of a directional. This is frequent in Idaho and may be another instance of where near state lines WSDOT tends to take on characteristics of ITD or ODOT



MP: .16

Location: W Salnave Rd and I-90,  Spokane

Turn right for I-90 west, straight and left for I-90 east. This is a newer sign which is interesting given the oversized INTERSTATE space


E to US-2, W to SR 904

N to US-2, S to SR 904

E to SR 904, W to SR 904

N to SR 904, S to SR 904