State Route 14, US-97 to US-197


MP: 100.75

Location: SR 14 and US-97, Maryhill, Klickitat Cty

Reassurance shield after the US-97 junction


MP: 100.17

Location: SR 14 and US-97, Klickitat Cty

17 miles to US-197. Until 2006, US-197 was officially co-signed with SR 14 from the Dallesport bridge to US-97. It hasn’t been signed as such since the decomissioning of US-830 (the old number of this road) in 1968


MP: 84.07

Location: SR 14 and US-197, Dallesport, Klickitat Cty

Turn left in half a mile to head down US-197 across the Columbia River to I-84 and Oregon. I unfortunately do not have the left turn sign at the junction, my camera didn’t fire in time. If anyone has that photo, please send me an email at davidjcorcoran (at) gmail (dot) com



W to SR 142, E to US-97

S to OR State Line

N to SR 142, S to SR 14