State Route 14, SR 221 to US-97


MP: 167.19

Location: SR 14 and SR 221, Paterson, Benton Cty

Reassurance shield after the 221 junction

MP: 166.83

Location: SR 14 and SR 221, Patterson, Benton Cty

65 miles to the next junction at US-97. Incredibly boring road from here to there, average speed of traffic seems to be about 80 though, so that’s good

MP: 135.49

Location: SR 14 and Roosevelt Grade Rd, Roosevelt, Klickitat Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass out of the village Roosevelt

MP: 133.66

Location: SR 14 and Roosevelt Ferry Rd, Roosevelt, Klickitat Cty

32 miles to US-97, then 43 to Goldendale via US-97

MP: 102.3

Location: SR 14 and Maryhill Rd, Maryhill, Klickitat Cty

1 mile to JCT US-97. 97 South heads down to I-84 in Oregon. The three states through which I-84 actually passes through all use larger fonts for their BGS interstates, so this I-84 signage looks kind of weird. At the time the picture was taken, the bridge over to Oregon was closed and traffic had to detour via US-197

MP: 101.54

Location: SR 14 and US-97, Maryhill, Klickitat Cty

US-97 heads south to Oregon. US-97 North will join SR 14 for less then a mile and head north as Washington’s main west-central north-south corridor

W to US-97, E to I-82/US-395

N to SR 14, S to OR State Line

N to SR 22