State Route 14, I-82/US-395 to SR 221


MP: 180.64

Location: SR 14 and I-82, Plymouth

First reassurance shield after the split from I-82

MP: 179.55

Location: SR 14 and Plymouth Rd, Plymouth

Mileage sign after the turnoff for the little town of Plymouth. 12 miles to JCT SR 221, 180 miles to the western terminus of SR 14 at I-5 in Vancouver

MP: 168.32

Location: SR 14 and  SR 221, Paterson, Benton Cty

JCT SR 221 coming up in 1/2 a mile. I hate to say it, but I have absolutely no idea why SR 221 even exists

MP: 167.36

Location: SR 14 and SR 221, Paterson, Benton Cty

Turn right for SR 221 north up to SR 22, straight for SR 14 west

W to US-97

N to SR 22

E to OR State Line, W to SR 397

 N to SR 397, S to OR State Line