State Route 142, SR 14 to US-97


MP: 0

Location: SR 142 and State St, Lyle

Reassurance shield literally right on the street corner of 14 and 142. It’s so close it’s useless


MP: 13.34

Location: SR 142 and Durkee St, Klickitat

Reassurance shield as we leave the small town of Klickitat. The road thus far has been windy but of a reasonable width. Speed Limit 45


MP: 20.94

Location: SR 142 in the middle of Buttfuck Nowhere, after Wahkiackus but before the flats

SR 142, previously down in a kind of river valley, ascends out of it. The entire uphill grade is made up of this one lane cowpath. The lines disappear and the road becomes incredibly narrow with comically painted “shoulders.” It’s dangerous to go much mroe than 25. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the 500 foot cliff on the side. I had one oncoming car and it was a tight squeeze. If you’re on the River Rd near Riggins Idaho (a similar deal), a National Forest maintained roadway, a little narrowness is acceptable. On a state highway this is downright retarded. I guess there’s not enough traffic back here to warrant a widening


MP: 23.72

Location: SR 142 and Glenwood Rd, Klickitat Cty

The road comes up to the top and is perfectly tame for the duration. Speed limit still only 50. Reassurance shield after the turn to the village of Glenwood


MP: 35.1

Location: E Broadway St and N Llama Ln, Goldendale

SR 142 passes through the northern part of Goldendale and comes to a JCT US-97, which bypasses the town to the east


MP: 35.29

Location; E Broadway St and US-97, Goldendale

Turn left for US-97 N to I-82 in Yakima, right for US-97 S to I-84 in Hood River. Almost surprised they don’t sign those interstates


N to SR 22, S to SR 14

W to SR 141, E to US-197