U.S. Route 97, SR 142 to SR 22


MP: 12.73

Location: US-97 and E Broadway St, Goldendale

Reassurance shield as we head out of Goldendale


MP: 33.66

Location: US-97 and Ski Lodge Rd, Yakima Cty

Reassurance shield after 97 crosses Satus Pass into Yakima Cty


MP: 60.38

Location: Evergreen Hwy and LaRue Rd, Toppenish

JCT SR 22 coming up in one mile. SR 22 parallels I-82 all the way down to Prosser, serving smaller communities along that route


MP: 61.09

Location: Evergreen Hwy and SR 22, Toppenish

JCT SR 22 coming right up


MP: 61.4

Location: Evergreen Hwy and SR 22, Toppenish

Proceed straight for SR 22 west, which just heads right through Toppenish to JCT I-82 in about 3 miles. Turn right for SR 22 west which runs parallel to I-82 down to Prosser. Turn left to stay on US-97 which is a divided 4 lane road with a few stoplights through Wapato and Union Gap to a junction with I-82 in Union Gap



N to I-82/US-12, S to SR 14

W to I-82/US-12, E to SR 223

W to SR 14