U.S. Route 97, SR 14 to SR 142


MP: 3.35

Location: US-97 and SR 14, Klickitat Cty

Reassurance shield after the SR 14 turn off


MP: 12.05

Location: US-97 and Simcoe Rd, Goldendale

JCT SR 142 in half a mile. US-97 turns into a not-quite super two bypass road around Goldendale. It’s two lanes and features three at-grade intersections with no stoplights and those are the only access points


MP: 12.5

Location: US-97 and E Broadway St, Goldendale

SR 142 heads off, and serves as a crazy-gnarly back route through Klickitat back to SR 14 in Lyle



N to SR 22, S to SR 14

W to SR 14

W to US-197, E to US-97