State Route 155, SR 155 SPUR to SR 174


MP: 79.72

Location: Omak Ave E and Hanford St, Omak

Reassurance shield after the spur and we cross under 97


MP: 65.32

Location: SR 155 and Lyman Lake Rd, Disautel , Okanogan Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass through the Disautel area


MP: 44.26

Location: SR 155 and Nespelem Access Rd, Nespelem

Reassurance shield as we pass the Nespelem Access Rd, Nespelem being a village of 212 people.


MP: 41.7

Location: SR 155 and Convalescent Center Blvd, Colville Indian Agency, Okanogan Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass Colville Indian Headquarters. And no, I’m not making that street name up.


MP: 35.72

Location: SR 155 and Belvedere Rd, Elmer City

Reassurance shield as we pass Elmer City, a mostly boring town that appears to have been gridded out by somebody wasted.


MP: 31.15

Location: River Dr and Front St, Coulee Dam

Reassurance shield as we pass through Coulee Dam.


MP: 28.48

Location: River Dr and Roosevelt Way, Coulee Dam

SR 155 turns right to cross the Coulee River into Grand Coulee. That’s the dam in the background.


MP: 28.25

Location: Roosevelt Way and Columbia Ave, Grand Coulee

We’re in a pretty touristy area here, so Seattle and Spokane become the logical control cities.


MP: 25.75

Location: Grand Coulee Hwy and Bridgeport Hwy, Grand Coulee

JCT SR 174, bear left to head to Spokane, turn right for Bridgeport, or stay straight for the surprisingly unmarked “Seattle”



S to US-2, N to US-97

E to SR 174 SPUR, W to SR 21

N to SR 215