State Route 174, SR 21 to SR 155


MP: 40.37

Location: SR 174 and SR 21, Wilbur

The first sign is not a reassurance shield but a sign telling us how far to SR 155

MP: 21.75

Location: Grand Coulee Ave W and Center St, Grand Coulee

and all of the sudden we’re 19 miles east and in Grand Coulee at JCT SR 155. We’re just south of the dam.

MP: 21.6

Location: Grand Coulee Ave W and Midway Ave, Grand Coulee

Turn left for SR 155 north up to the dam or south back to US-2. Alternatively continue straight to stay on 174 up to Brewster.

E to SR 174 SPUR

S to US-2, N to SR 155 SPUR

N to Wilbur Ferry Terminal, S to US-2