State Route 285, SR 28 to US-2/US-97


MP: .42

Location: Stevens St and Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee

Immediately after the route begins, we cross the Columbia River into Wenatchee and get this BGS. Huzzah for BGS

MP: .55

Location: Stevens St and S Mission St, Wenatchee

SR 285 turns right onto Mission to head north through east downtown Wenatchee. It’s hard to believe Wenatchee only has 35,000 people (East Wenatchee adds 12000 more). It seems so much larger.

MP: 1.04

Location: S Mission St and Skagit Ave, Wenatchee

Reassurance shield as we get into the center of the area

MP: 1.99

Location: N Mission St and 2nd St, Wenatchee

Southbound 285 is a block over now as we manuver through the one-way couplet

MP: 2.77

Location: N Mission St and N Miller St, Wenatchee

SR 285 will bear right here and rejoin the southbound lanes ot head out of town.

MP: 2.97

Location: N Miller St and N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee

SR 285 bears left onto Wenatchee Ave to head up to 2/97

MP: 3.24

Location: N Wenatchee Ave and Maple St, Wenatchee

Reassurance shield after the turn

MP: 4.35

Location: Wenatchee Ave and Easy St, Wenatchee

SR 285 will turn into 2 west/97 south, but you have to exit off for 2 east/97 north, which heads over to 28

MP: 4.77

Location: Wenatchee Ave and US-2/US-97, Wenatchee

Next right for ALT 97, which is the next exit off of 2/97

MP: 4.92

Location: Wenatchee Ave and US-2/97, Wenatchee

SR 285 ends at the junction with 2 and 97.

MP: 4.96

Location: SR 285 and US-2/97, Wenatchee

Exit right to head eastbound to get around Wenatchee, continue straight to head west towards Seattle. Note the incorrect control city configuration for 2 west. Ellensburg should be listed first as it is closer. The alternative argument is that US-2 is the “primary” route here and that’s arguably what you would take to get to Seattle (although 97 is probably faster…), so it goes first.

E to ALT US-97, W to US-97

N to ALT US-97, S to US-2

W to US-2/US-97, E to SR 281