U.S. Route 97, SR 20 to SR 155


Last Driven May 2018

MP: 286.28

Location: US-97 and SR 20, Okanogan

SR 20 will join 97 for about 40 miles as we head around Okanogan/Omak on this 1-stoplight bypass highway

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 288?

Location: US-97 and Cameron Lake Rd, Okanogan

Reassurance shield as we pass Cameron Lake Road, the good way for southbound 97 travellers to get to Okanogan without going through Omak

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 290.65

Location: US-97 and Dayton St S, Omak

JCT SR 155 coming up in 1/2 mile, a wide-angle north south road that crosses the Grand Coulee Dam, which is fucking awesome.

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 291.15

Location: US-97 and Dayton Rd, Omak

Turn left for SR 155, which loops around and then heads back under the highway to head southeast

MP: 291.23

Location: US 97 and Dayton St, Omak

Dayton St is SR 155. This intersection was signalized sometime between 2007 and 2018.

N to SR 215, S to SR 17

E to SR 215, W to SR 153

S to SR 155 SPUR

E to SR 155, W to SR 153