U.S. Route 97, SR 173 to SR 17


MP: 260.87

Location: US-97 and Plaza Way, Brewster

Reassurance shield as we leave Brewster

MP: 260.91

Location: US-97 and Plaza Way, Brewster

4 miles to JCT SR 17, the main route down to Bridgeport, located right where the Okanogan flows into the Columbia.

MP: 264.66

Location: US-97 and Cassimar Bar Rd, Okanogan Cty

SR 17 comes up here in a minute. We’re on one of the biggest bars I know of , having crossed the Okanogan just before it flows into the Columbia and we’re jutted out on a little peninsula right now.

MP: 265.12

Location: US-97 and SR 17, Brewster

JCT SR 17. 17 heads all the way down to Mesa, just north of the Tri-Cities. Despite its length, it is mainly just used for local traffic hopping from town to town, not really used as a primary route anywhere (Othello-Moses Lake is about the only place I know of where it gets any real traffic). It’s second to SR 21 in terms of length:uselessness ratio (21 wins by a large margin as it is longer and doesn’t pass through a single town with more than 2,500 people (and only 4 of those over about 200 miles)).

N to SR 213, S to SR 153

S to SR 174

S to SR 17