U.S. Route 97, ALT US-97 to SR 153


MP: 240.18

Location: US-97 and ALT US-97, Chelan Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of this area and make a straight shot for Okanogan/Canada


MP: 244.4

Location: US-97 and Antoine Creek Rd, Chelan Cty

Reassurance shield after Antoine Creek Rd, which serves as a back road back down to Chelan


MP: 252.85

Location: US-97 and SR 153, Pateros

JCT SR 153 coming up. It’s signed as TO 20, which is kind of weird. First off, the fastest way to get to SR 20 is by staying on 97, and the other is that if you wanted to head eastbound on 20, you would be retarded to go that way. If it said “TO WEST 20″ that would be at least reasonable. It’s more dumb than the “TO I-84″ sign in New Meadows ID directing traffic down US-95.

MP: 253.3

Location: US-97 and SR 153, Pateros

Turn left to take 153 up to SR 20, it’s the fastest way to Bellingham and Vancouver BC from here, but that’s about it.




N to SR 173, S to SR 150

N to SR 20

S to SR 150