U.S. Route 97, SR 150 to ALT US-97


MP: 235.14

Location: US-97 and SR 150, Chelan Falls

Reassurance shield right after the turn


MP: 239. 91

Location: US-97 and ALT US-97, Chelan Cty

JCT ALT US-97 coming up here in a quarter mile. Not a lot of signage because SR 150 and ALT 97 itself would have been the fastest way to get up to Chelan from here


MP: 240.09

Location: US-97 and ALT US-97

Turn left for 97 ALT. Conventional ALT signage here, which I would normally applaud but I like Washington’s ALT-97 shields so much I’m not a fan of the conventional signage anymore :0



N to SR 153, S to US-97 SPUR

S to SR 150

W to ALT US-97