U.S. Route 97, SR 28 to US-2


MP: US-2/128.21

Location: US-2 and 38th St NW, East Wenatchee

Nice one piece reassurer as we head north out of the Wenatchee Metropolitan Area

MP: US-2/132.56

Location: US-2 and Lincoln Rock Rd, Douglas Cty

Reassurance shield after Lincoln Rock State Park

MP: US-2/138.85

Location: US-2 and Old Ferry Rd, Orondo

JCT US-2 coming up in a mile, and the multiplex will end as US-2 resumes its eastbound travel towards Spokane

MP: US-2/139.82

Location: US-97 and US-2, Orondo

JCT US-2/97. Stay straight to continue on 97 up to Canada or bear right to head over to Spokane (about 145 miles from here)

MP: US-2/139.91

Location: US-2 and US-97, Orondo

Sign at the gore.

N to US-97 SPUR, S to ALT US-97

E to US-97 SPUR, W to ALT US-97

E to US-97 SPUR, W to SR 28

W to SR 285