U.S. Route 97, SR 285 to ALT US-97


MP: US-2/118.93

Location: US-2 and SR 285, Wenatchee

On the ramp we get some reassurance shields, these of the rare (in Washington) direction-less variety


MP: US-2/119.16

Location: US-2 and Easy St, Wenatchee

JCT ALT 97 coming up really quickly, in fact the second right


MP: US-2/119.7B

Location: US-2 and ALT US-97, Wenatchee

ALT US-97 exits, which used to be US-97 trunk until they finished the water grade route (formerly US-2 to the end of the multiplex, then SR 151 ran up US-97 to current SR 150 up to Chelan).

More interesting here is the signage. No US-2 here. Obviously 28 is a priority here, I imagine most traffic is going to be taking 28 at this point, so that needs signage. ALT 97 just exited, so they may have wanted to reassure tourists that a mainline 97 was coming right up. US-2 will stick with 97 to head up the river for a little bit, though.



N to SR 28, S to US-2

E to SR 28, W to US-97

N to SR 971

S to SR 28