U.S. Route 97, US-2 to SR 285


MP: US-2/104.83

Location: US-2 and US-97, Peshastin, Chelan Cty

BGS Reassurer combined with mileage. KEEP RIGHT WENATCHEE DRIVERS. And that’s serious. These signs are like every mile and for some reason nobody listens to them and you get jackarses going about 50-55 in the left lane. It is the law!

MP: US-2/106.56

Location: US-2 and Johnson Rd, Dryden

Reassurance shield as we enter Dryden

MP: US-2/110.15

Location: US-2 and Goodwin Rd, Cashmere

Reassurance shield after the Goodwin Rd intersection

MP: US-2/110.22

Location: US-2 and Aplets Way, Cashmere

Turn right up here for US-2/97 Business. Because Business Loops aren’t part of the state route system, I don’t drive them, but I do take pictures of their signs when they show up.

MP: US-2/111.15

Location: US-2 and Aplets Way, Cashmere

Reassurance shield after the business loop turnoff

MP: US-2/112.09

Location: US-2 and E Nahahum Rd, Cashmere

:-( . And this is a new sign, too. So my hopes of WSDOT signing its multiplexes correctly…still not there. Still, this is the only error on the whole thing.

MP: US-2/115.17

Location: US-2 and Easy St, Monitor

Reassurance shield as we head out of Monitor. We are now about to head out of Wenatchee’s suburbs and into the big tomato.

MP: US-2/117.94

Location: US-2 and School St, Wenatchee

The 2/97 multiplex will exit off and this roadway will turn into SR 285, a loop through downtown Wenatchee (the I-202 or I-297 if these were all interstates (285 is almost completely surface road))

MP: US-2/118.34

Location: US-2 and SR 28, Wenatchee

These roads aren’t directly next right, but you definitely want to take 2/97 to get to them (especially 97 ALT, 285 loops down to 28 on the southeast side of Wenatchee, but that’s not the fastest way to do it)

MP: US-2/118.76

Location: US-2 and SR 285, Wenatchee

Stay straight for 285 through downtown Wenatchee , clover underneath it to keep going east.

N to US-97 ALT, S to SR 970

E to US-97 ALT, W to SR 207

S to SR 28

E to SR 285, W to SR 207