U.S. Route 97, SR 970 to US-2


MP: 149.83

Location: US-97 and SR 970, Kittitas Cty

Reassurance shield immediately after SR 970

MP: 150.31

Location: US-97 and SR 970, Kittitas Cty

In 35 miles, US-97 will join US-2 to make a (mostly) limited access highway to and through Wenatchee

MP: 184.45

Location: US-97 and US-2, Peshastin, Chelan Cty

No signage over Blewett Pass. In half a mile, we’ll come on US-2.

MP: 184.72

Location: US-2 and US-97, Chelan Cty

US-2 is the primary highway in the multiplex, 97 will take its mileposts

MP: 185.01

Location: US-2 and US-97, Peshatin, Chelan Cty

Stop signs at divided highways are fun, but we get one here. Turn left to take US-2 over to Everett over Stevens Pass, and 97/2 forms a major highway to Wenatchee to the right.

N to SR 285, S to SR 10

E to SR 285, W to SR 207

W to SR 10