U.S. Route 97, SR 10 to SR 970



MP: 136.63

Location: US-97 and Old Hwy Ten, Kittitas Cty

Reassurance shield immediately after the turn


MP: 136.88

Location: US-97 and Old Hwy Ten, Ellensburg

JCT SR 970, 13. JCT US-2, 48. Wenatchee, 65.



MP: 149.16

Location: US-97 and Burke Rd, Lauderdale Jct, Kittitas Cty

US-97 will turn right in half a mile, SR 970 will turn left. At one point we would have been on SR 131 coming to its northern terminus at US-97.


MP: 149.69

Location: US-97 and SR 970, Lauderdale Jct, Kittitas Cty

Turn left for SR 970 which heads to Cle Elum and I-90. Turn right for US-97 up to Wenatchee


N to US-2, S to I-90

W to SR 10

W to SR 970