U.S. Route 97, I-90 to SR 10


MP: 134.07

Location: US-97 and Cascade Rd, Ellensburg

After exiting I-90, US-97 turns promptly left onto an alignment that used to be shared with US-10


MP: 134.23

Location: US-97 and Cascade Way Extension, Ellensburg

First reassurance shield after the multiplex ends. We are about to jump on the old US-10 alignment out to SR 10. Before 1987 (when I-82 was completed), this was SR 131 from here to SR 970 (which was US-97)


MP: 134.62

Location: US-97 and Desmond Rd, Ellensburg

Mileage sign as we head out of Ellensburg. At this point, I’m not sure what the purpose of SR 10 is, and I think even from here the fastest way to Cle Elum is via the freeway. I have a feeling in the next round of decommissioning SR 10 will go away unless I’m missing something hugely obvious.


MP: 134.86

Location: US-97 and Dry Creek Connector Rd, Kittitas Cty

US-97 will turn left here in a half mile to drive down the old US-10 alignment over to SR 10

MP: 135.25

Location: US-97 and Old Highway Ten, Kittitas Cty

Bear left to jump onto US-97 (local road name: Old Hwy 10)


MP: 135.38

Location: US-97 and Old Hwy Ten, Kittitas Cty

Some extra signage at the turn


MP: 135.57

Location: Old Hwy Ten and US-97, Kittitas Cty

US-97 will turn right in a mile at the SR 10 junction


MP: 136.51

Location: Old Hwy Ten and US-97, Kittitas Cty

Straight for SR 10 over to Cle Elum, right to take 97 over Blewett Pass to Wenatchee


N to SR 970, S to I-82/I-90

W to SR 970

E to I-82/I-90, W to SR 970