Alternate U.S. Route 97, SR 150 to SR 971


MP: 234.29B

Location: S Saunders St and E Woodin Ave, Chelan

This is the rare time I really love some of Washington’s unconventional signage. This shield is a textbook-conventional alternate highway sign. You’ve got dual banners and everything. I kind of like the elegant integrated ALT 97 signs used otherwise. This, while completely correct, is terribly boring. I’d recommend revising the MUTCD to use Washington’s ALT 97 for bannered routes, putting the ALT or SPUR or BIPASS or BUSINESS or rare CITY inside the shield


MP: 233.59

Location: W Woodin Ave and W Webster Ave, Chelan

Reassurance shield as we head out of downtown Chelan, which is a surprisingly large town.


MP: 232.06

Location: W Woodin Ave and N Johnson Pl, Lakeside, Chelan Cty

Reassurance shield as we vacate the village of Lakeside


MP: 230.73

Location: ALT US-97 and S Lakeshore Rd, Lakeside, Chelan Cty

JCT SR 971 coming up here really quickly


MP: 230.43

Location: US-97 ALT and S Lakeshore Rd, Lakeside, Chelan Cty

Exit right for SR 971, which loops around through Lake Chelan State Park back to 97 ALT. If they were really cool, they would have called it Alternate US-97 Alternate.


S to SR 971, N to SR 150

S to ALT US-97

W to Manson, E to ALT US-97