Alternate U.S. Route 97, US-97 to SR 150


MP: 239.57

Location: US-97 Alternate and US-97, Chelan

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route. Washington signs its US Route as ALT 97 with the ALT inside the shield. Most states just toss a banner on top that says “ALTERNATE” or would call this 97A. Not Washington. Makes for a neat shield though (if you imagine it says WASH instead of ALT, it’s like a pre 1959 shield, kind of)


MP: 236.18

Location: ALT US-97 and Willmorth Dr, Chelan

Reassurance shield right as we enter the city of Chelan.


MP: 235.1

Location: E Woodin Ave and Chelan Falls Rd, Chelan

JCT SR 150 coming up. 150 west will head down the mountain to the US-97 trunk and 150 east will join 97-A for a couple blocks.



S to SR 150

W to ALT US-97, E to US-97

N to SR 153, S to SR 150