State Route 109, SR 115 to Taholah


MP: 16.24

Location:  SR 109 and SR 115, Ocean Shores

Reassurance shield after the Ocean Shores turnoff


MP: 18.64

Location: SR 109 and Memory Lane, Ocean City, Grays Harbor Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of the village of Ocean City


MP: 21.28

Location: SR 109 and Copalis Beach Rd, Copalis Beach

SR 109 turns left, proceeding straight takes you down the Copalis Beach Rd, a county highway back to 101. You can see the “TO 101″ sign in the background


MP: 21.73

Location: SR 109 and Plumb Ln, Copalis Beach

Reassurance shield as we head out of Copalis Beach


MP: 29.39

Location: SR 109 and Ocean Beach Rd, Pacific Beach

Turn left to head into downtown Pacific Beach, straight to stay on SR 109


MP: 29.44

Location: SR 109 and Ocean Beach Rd, Pacific Beach

Reassurance shield after the turnoff


MP: 32.33

Location: SR 109 and Moclips Hwy, Moclips

This is an interesting sign. I’ve yet to see an 8 mile advance warning of a highway ending, but I kind of like it. The blue background is interesting, but I guess it is an “information” sign for gas and food in Taholah.


MP: 33.88

Location: SR 109 between Moclips and Taholah, Grays Harbor Cty

Not a lot going on here, just a random reassurance shield.


MP: 37.36

Location: SR 109 and Grenville Way, Grays Harbor Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass through some unknown village


MP: 40.28

Location: SR 109 and Cuitan St, Taholah

SR 109 comes to an end just after the stop sign. In theory, this shouldn’t be the end. Legislation has, since 1964, called for an extension all the way up to Queets. A 1964 map shows that this road  was signed on a dirt road from Queets down almost to Taholah. Signage has been removed there due to a disagreement with the Quinault Nation and now it just heads up to Taholah, likely never to be completed.


S to SR 109 SPUR

S to Ocean Shores