State Route 520, I-405 to SR 513


MP: 6.64

Location: SR 520 and I-405, Bellevue

BGS Reassurer as we pass I-405. This is serious business now. We’re about to roll over the Floating Bridge and into the Big City. BGS time it is.

MP: 5.57

Location: SR 520 and 84th Ave NE, Bellevue

Y’all better be gettin’ your Wide loads off here, because the Floating Bridge is pretty darned narrow.


MP: 1.52

Location: SR 520 and Lake Washington Blvd, Seattle

We’ve crossed the bridge into Seattle. I-5 coming up.

MP: 1.4

Location: SR 520 and Montlake Blvd, Seattle

Montlake Blvd exits. It’s unsigned, but Montlake Blvd is also State Route 513. Keep left? but really proceed straight for I-5.



W to I-5, E to SR 202

N to Magnunson Park

S to I-90, N to SR 908