State Route 520, SR 202 to I-405


MP: 12.37

Location: SR 520 and Redmond Way, Redmond

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route. A ramp from Redmond Way and a ramp from Avondale Way combine to make this route begin


MP: 12.05

Location: SR 520 and Lake Sammamish Way, Redmond

Lake Sammamish Way used to be SR 901, whose northern terminus was at SR 908.


MP: 8.72

Location: SR 520 and  148th Ave NE, Redmond

Reassurance shield after the Microsoft exit. SR 520 employs the annoying practice of right lane carpool lanes to accommodate transit.  This prevents vehicles from travelling too fast in the carpool lane, which takes out a lot of the incentive, and also makes exits complicated as you have to get over into the right lane at most 500 feet before the exit or you are violating carpool rules. So there’s a lot of traffic weaving in and out of these lanes. It seems like a pretty ineffective transit solution, but what do I know?


MP: 8.09

Location: SR 520 and I-405, Bellevue

I-405 will junction in 1 mile as we approach downtown Bellevue, a quick growing white-collar boomburb/edge city to Seattle


MP: 7.23

Location: SR 520 and I-405, Bellevue

Right lane exit only for I-405 North, which heads to JCT I-5 in Lynnwood


MP: 7.09

Location: SR 520 and I-405, Bellevue

I-405 North exits, continue straight for 405 south, which goes to a junction with I-5 in Tukwila


MP: 6.98

Location: SR 520 and I-405,  Bellevue

I-405 south exits, heads south to Renton

W to SR 513

S to I-90, N to SR 908 

E to SR 908, W to SR 203