Interstate 90, I-5 to I-405


MP: 2.47

Location: I-90 and I-5, Seattle

Gross reassurance shield after the I-5 junction, but before I-5 traffic merges on


MP: 2.73

Location: I-90 and I-5, Seattle

Another non-cutout shield as I-5 traffic merges on


MP: 3.43

Location: I-90 and Rainier Ave S, Seattle

LGS Reassurer over the freeway. Traffic will go under a tunnel underneath the city before popping out onto the floating bridge to Mercer Island. In this process, the eastbound expressways lanes will separate from each other, albeit temporarily.


MP: 7.46

Location: I-90 and Island Crest Way, Mercer Island

After we cross half of Lake Washington onto Mercer Island, we are only 1 3/4 miles away from JCT I-405


MP: 8.34

Location: I-90 and E Mercer Way, Mercer Island

 3/4 of a mile until JCT I-405


MP: 8.91

Location: I-90 and Mercer Way, Mercer Island

Use the right lane for I-405 north and south, as they will exit at the same time


MP: 9.22

Location: I-90 and I-405, Bellevue

JCT I-405, take the right lanes to head onto this beltway


E to SR 900, W to SR 519

S to SR 900, N to SR 520

N to SR 520, S to SR 900