State Route 908, I-405 to SR 202


MP: 3.76

Location: NE 85th St and 120th Ave NE, Kirkland

Reassurance shield at the new beginning of the route. In older days, it extended out to Lake Washington Way, and then took that south to SR 520.


 MP: 5.96

Location: Redmond Way and Lake Sammamish Way, Redmond

SR 908 continues into Redmond and turns into Redmond Way. Here we approach the junction with old State Route 901, decommissioned in 1992.  This is a vintage 1992 sign, and you can see where SR 901 was covered up. It appears that the covering is starting to erode, but unfortunately the white paint got disfigured in the process.


MP: 6.37

Location: Redmond Way and Cleveland St, Redmond

SR 908 enters downtown Redmond and the one way system. 908 East turns onto Cleveland St to head to its terminus at 202.  908 West runs from 164th Ave NE about 2 blocks down along Redmond way to here.


MP: 6.66

Location: Cleveland St and 164th Ave NE, Redmond

Unbeknownst to most travelers,  SR 908 officially ends at milepost 6.66 at SR 202 in Redmond.


E to SR 520, W to SR 522

S to SR 520, N to SR 522