U.S. Route 101, SR 100 to US-101 ALT


MP: 11.55

Location: Spruce St E and 1st Ave N, Ilwaco

Reassurance shield after JCT SR 100, and after the left turn to head out of Ilwaco


MP: 11.19

Location: Spruce St E and US-101, Ilwaco

US-101 bears left, leaves Spruce St and exits the town of Ilwaco

MP: 9.47

Location: US-101 and US-101 ALT, Pacific Cty

JCT US-101 ALT, which spurs right back up to US-101 North to Raymond/Aberdeen/Port Angeles/Olympia. Not a lot of reason to take it coming from this direction.


S to SR 401, N to SR 103

N to US-101

W to SR 100