State Route 4, SR 401 to SR 409


MP: 4.8

Location: SR 4 and SR 401, Naselle

Reassurance shield after SR 401


MP:  15.12

Location: SR 4 and Altoona-Pillar Rock Rd, Rosburg

Reassurance shield after old JCT SR 403, a highway decommissioned in 1992 that went down to Altoona


MP: 25.13

Location: SR 4 and Bjornsgard Rd, Wahkiakum Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass through the woods


MP: 34.94

Location: SR 4 and Elochoman Valley Rd, Cathlamet

Reassurance shield after old SR 407, another victim of the 1992 decommissioning that went up the Elcohoman River a ways


MP 35.04

Location; W Ocean Beach Hwy and Messinger Hill Rd, Cathlamet

JCT SR 409 coming up, a quick little spur route to a ferry terminal on the south side of Puget Island. A private company serves the ferry across the Columbia to JCT US-30 in Oregon


MP: 35.48

Location W Ocean Beach Hwy and Main St, Cathlamet

Turn right for SR 409 down to the ferry and then JCT US-30


E to SR 432, W to US-101

S to Wahkiakum Ferry Terminal

S to US-101